Meet Our Family

We are the Highfill family- JD, Leah, Caleb, and Charity.

JD accepted Christ as his Savior as a young child and was baptized shortly after. He felt called to ministry from his teen years, attended Bible College, and received a degree in Pastoral Studies in 2005. 

Leah accepted Christ as a freshman in Bible college. She was baptized shortly after.  In 2005 she received a degree in Biblical Studies with a minor in music. She is a friend to pastors' wives, and has an extensive online ministry of encouragement for many of them around the world. 

Caleb has accepted Christ and been baptized. His great loves are building with wooden blocks and legos, reading, fishing, and entertaining our family with the latest riddle, joke, or scientific fact. 

Charity has accepted Christ and been baptized. Her great loves are caring for her dolls, learning how to cook, reading, playing with "girly" legos, and spending time with our 10 year old cat, BoPeep.